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 Gary Breinholt

Gary Breinholt in action

Gary Breinholt presents Mythic Tales and Magic Tunes: Myths, legends and traditional folk-lore of the British Isles; telling tales of Green-men, Wild-men, Faerie Folk, Forest Folk and other worthies, all to the sound of the Wire-strung Harp, Whistle and Flute.
Gary has been telling tales for so long that his siblings grew up calling him 'The Grimm Brother'.
He has been frequently sighted at local and national storytelling events and pagan gatherings (being dubbed 'The Green Bard' by Phillip Shallcrass). He is also co-owner of the original Nottingham Ghost Walk.

1pm - 2pm, Oak Room

All Change

All Change - Chris, Annie and Tony

‘’All Change’’ are Chris, Annie and Tony and we have been performing together for more than 10 years.

We were the organisers of and resident performers at Swan Folk in Loughborough for many years.

Our songs and music come from the English Tradition and 'anywhere else that takes our ears', including singer songwriters from UK and elsewhere.

‘’All Change’’ sets are a mixture of unaccompanied singing and songs accompanied by Chris and Tony on guitar and concertina.

Chris 01664 850038


11am - 11.30am and 12.30pm - 1pm, Oak Room

Mary Clarke   

Mary Clarke
In "The History and Practice of Wicca", Professor Ronald Hutton describes Wicca as the only religion that England has given the World.

Today's talk is about the beginnings of Wicca, it's early practice, some of the leading lights of the path and how it has spread throughout the world.

Mary is a 2nd degree Gardnerian Wiccan High Priestess and has been following the path for over 20 years. She is also an Astrologer and Tarot card reader of many years, for which she has given talks and facilitated workshops and writes a blog on the subjects.

2pm - 3pm, Oak Room

Clare Cartwright

Clare Cartwright
Talk by Clare Cartwright of Cosmic Crystal: "Crystals & the element of FIRE" - delve into the magic of crystals.
Learn how to work with crystals to incorporate the element of fire into your life. Especially with the Beltane fire and its qualities of creation, fertility, inspiration, happiness and sunshine. Plus a chance to attune to a Beltane fire mandala.

I am going to create the mandala and programme some quartz for people to attune to the mandala, so they can take the quartz away for contemplation.

10am - 11am, Oak Room

Brian and Rhona Kingett

Brian playing the accordionRhona instructing Maypole dancers
Brian and Rhona are actors and entertainers, in demand all over the country. They have been friends of the Beltane Spring Fayre for many years, since they appeared at our first festival in 2005.

They will be leading the Maypole dancing at 11am and 1pm. As experienced  entertainers the fun should continue all afternoon.

11am and 1pm, Outside

Ruth Biggins

Ruth Biggins
"Journeying with the Fool" by Rainbow Roo.
   From the heart of Swithland Wood comes Roo and Swithers to take you on a magical journey to meet your fool, and how with small personal changes, the fool can enhance and inspire your life. Swithers says Roo is an exceptional Tarot reader with years of experience and teaching in many fascinating areas. Swithers describes himself as the strongest most handsome oak tree around.

 3pm - 4pm, Oak Room


Chez is an Artist and Crafts person. She graduated from DeMontfort University in 2009 with a BA Hons Degree in Fine Art.

She also has a HND in Design Crafts.  Chez had been an active member of the Leicestershire Pagan / Druid community for nearly 20 years. She ran the Leicester Pub Moots from 2000 - 2005.  Chez has used her skills and knowledge to create the installation for the Sacred Space. Meditate in a quiet space and be inspired , be creative.

 All day outside

Queen of the May

May Queen with Swithers and Mary (puppets)
The Queen of the May can be found in the Park and House telling tales of the season with her friends Mary and Swithers.

 12.30pm - 1pm, Outside

Ian Vernon

Ian VernonI am technically a Heathen and follow the Norse tradition. I am researching the Seidr style of shamanism and also runic divination and majik.

I also run the Pagan moot in Leicester and I am the Pagan Federation Regional Co-ordinator for Leicestershire and Rutland. I also try and take part in as many of Leicester's interfaith activities as I can.

Evington Scouts

painting of Baden PowellEvington Scouts logoFor more than 100 years, the 19th Leicester (Evington) Scout Group has been providing fun, friendship, life skills and adventure for young people in the Evington area. We are open to boys and girls between the ages of 6 and 18, and we meet in our own HQ on Davenport Road, Evington, LE5 6SE. For more information, please see our website - and follow the 'contact us' link for enquiries. 

 All day outside

Emma Fay

A 'spider' painted on a human body

Emma Fay is a world-renowned artist who specialises in make-up & concept artistry, hair and beauty, and bespoke design. Her fine art is inspired by evolution, origins and mind sets, with illusion and symbolic expression throughout her pieces.
Emma Fay at TedX talk
She will be opening the Fayre and crowning the Queen of the May at 10am at the House. She will be available for questions and advice.

Giraffe painted on human bodyShe is also an Arts Award advisor and Creative Director of Art & Theatre Company.
See more of Emma's creative work at

Her work has appeared in The Guardian, Daily Telegraph, Daily Mail, Daily Mirror, Leicester Mercury, Manchester Evening News, and Metro in th UK, and in various foreign papers such as Der Spiegel(Germany), Heute(Austria), The New York Post(US), and Paris Match(France), as well as on numerous websites.

 about 10am, outside

Bobba Cass

Bobba Cass - PoetBobba Cass is a gay, grey poet. He organises a monthly poetry event called, Pinggg…K! The group meets at The Red Tent for an evening of metrosexual 'open mic' verse and a performance by a featured poet.

Bobba grew up in the United States and was in the Peace Corps in Nigeria in the 1960s. Once a  married man, he came out in his late forties following a police entrapment arrest. An academic whose advanced degrees were in English literature and Cultural Studies, he has been an activist in struggles against apartheid, racism in schools, nuclear weapons and nuclear energy as well as for HIV/AIDS provision and Pride.

2.30pm onwards, Main Hall

Carol Leeming FRSA

Carol Leeming
Carol Leeming, is an award winning writer, a published poet, and playwright broadcast on BBC Radio 4, as well as singer/songwriter, musician  (percussion & keyboards) and vocals tutor with Sheehans Music Academy.

Leicester. Carol’s wide and varied interests include ancient and contemporary world cultures. In particular exploring different paths of spirituality and creativity.

Look out for her at various events.

Kinder Falconry

Merlin the OwlTina Adey with fluffy owl We are at Gorse Hill City Farm in Leicester most weekends between March to September where you can for a small fee  get up close and handle an owl or a hawk (you must be 5 or over).

So why not come along and meet Dudley the hawk and all of his friends - they can't wait to meet you.

Please contact us for more information using the details below:

Telephone: 07980 365280.

 All day outside

Friends of Evington

Friends of Evington logo - tree
Friends of Evington is a charity that was set up in August 2012 to provide the umbrella organisation that will help newly forming clubs, societies and projects get started, if they need this help.  It is difficult for new groups to open a bank account, deal with new people, work out aims and get going all at the same time.  Groups often prefer to start informally and make decisions as contingencies arise, rather than be forced into any one particular route too early.

The aims of Friends of Evington are about community capacity building, sustainable development and helping socially and economically disadvantaged communities.

Friends of Evington support ‘not for profit’ organisations that welcome all people regardless of their beliefs, age, ethnic background, lifestyle, sex or gender identity.

We have a wide network of supporters and in the future we will be developing membership forms for groups that agree with our aims and wish to affiliate with us.

The main projects that are under the umbrella of Friends of Evington are:
The Evington Echo
Evington in Bloom
Evington Park House Neighbourhood Centre

The centre is run by the people for the people.  The umbrella charity, Friends of Evington, provides the organisational structure and support for a Neighbourhood Centre committee.  Regular activities include art, quilling, keep fit, embroidery, yoga and various social clubs.

On Saturdays, the House is open from 11.30am to 2pm as a ‘Drop In’. Maybe you have some skills you could offer to help run a vibrant Neighbourhood Centre that is welcoming to all?

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