The Beltane Spring Fayre Group


::BSFG events::

Events organised by the Beltane Spring Fayre Group

2005 May Fayre Castle Park www.beltane
2006 May Fayre Castle Park www.beltane
2007 Spring Fayre Moat College www.beltane
2008 Summer Solstice The Motte, Castle Park www.beltane
2008 Xmas Tree Festival, Yule Belgrave Hall www.beltane
2009 Xmas Tree Festival, poems Belgrave Hall www.beltane
2012 - 2013 Mardy Poets, Pagan Poets* Sansome's Bar
2013 Astrology for the Bewildered Sansome's Bar
2013 - 2014 Every Last Sunday (poetry)* Brice Hall www.beltane
2014 Beltane Spring Fayre Evington House www.beltane
2014 - Tarot Reading* Hughie's Café www.beltane
2014 Yule Silver Arcade www.beltane
2015 May Fayre Evington House www.beltane
2015 Medieval Carvings (talk) Evington House www.beltane
2016 May Fayre Evington House
Other information
2006 Poems by Carol Leeming, Sarah Allen, Lesley Vann Poems for the Beltane Spring Fayre
2011 Dark Side Café Leicester Mail Article from Leicester Mail
2014 "On this Day 25 Years Ago" (attitudes to Pagans in 1989) Leicester Mercury Pagan Link 1989
2015 In memoriam Andy "Rat" Frost Designer of our logo, great friend, and much else. Andy "Rat" Frost

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