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Tchenka Jane Sunderland

Designer and creator of the Millenium maze, a candlelit labyrinth installation for Norwich Cathedral (31st December 1999), and of a labyrinth for Liverpool Cathedral (October 2005). She gave free workshops on Labyrinth Day in Norwich Cathedral, as part of the their Community Outreach project. She ran a workshop on the spiritual significance and building of labyrinths at the May Fayre, Castle Gardens, Leicester in 2005, with workshop participants helping to build the installation. She was involved with Axmouth based group The Spiral in Seaton's Millenium labyrinth, which was awarded a Parish Pump Priming Award in June 2004. She is author of “Walking the Labyrinth” (2004).

Norwich Cathedral labyrinth by Tchenka Tchenka's labyrinth at May Fayre 2005
Norwich Cathedral 2000 May Fayre 2005


She teaches widely on the labyrinth. Currently resident at Schumacher College International Centre for Ecological Studies, Devon, in wintertime, and staying at Swithland Woods, Woodhouse Eaves, Leicestershire in the summer.

The following extract is taken from the Norfolk Gardens Trust Journal Spring 2001.

The Norwich Parks represent the last great phase of Municipal Park design, the significance of which was recognised by English Heritage in 1993 when five of them were placed on the Register of Parks and Gardens of Special Interest. In addition to this, the structures and main buildings were also listed in 1995 by the Secretary of State as Grade 2 Listed Buildings.

Wensum Park - 1921-25

Adjacent to the River Wensum, the design of the park focuses on the natural assets of the riverside location and is popular with local residents as well as those from afar. Artist Jane Sunderland was involved in designing the labyrinth which occupies the central focal point of the park. Designed originally as the Norwich labyrinth for the Millennium celebrations, it was transferred to its permanent home at Wensum in the spring. A successful workshop day culminated in the participants assisting Jane to mark out the labyrinth, which was then completed using setts and turf. To link in with the labyrinth the twelve planting beds

encircling the centre have been planted with herbaceous plants associated with the signs of the zodiac. The outer shrub beds of the central area have been replanted with a repeat rhythm of native shrubs, and herbaceous plants. A phased replanting of the ornamental flowering cherries which had become over mature has also been initiated.


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